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So I Joined a Gym – No Hungy Editorial

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It was with a giant gnashing of teeth and much wailing and thrashing that I decided to do the one thing that I was trying to not do when it comes to my philosophy of No Hungy…I joined a damn gym.

I for the longest time was a member of a mom & pop local gym that was housed in an old ass post office that was open every day, every hour, accessible by keypad. This was a great place to workout as they were a ‘serious weightlifting’ gym. People trying to keep their New Years Resolutions needed not apply.

The main drawback for this place and the only reason I’m not currently working out there instead of the mystery location that I’ll get to in the next few sentences, is that they didn’t have a shower room…or a locker room really, just a changing room and a bathroom. The did however have a posing room where you could train on posing, which to you uninitiated reading this, is a seriously hard thing to do. YOU try looking relaxed and happy when you’re having to flex EVERYTHING you got for the judges.

Anyways, onto my search for a gym. I tried the local Gold’s Gym but that left me depressed as it was so cold, so impersonal, and really felt like I was being sold a brand more than a service. I then tried the gym that my wife currently goes to, Planet Fitness. And to make this all too long post a bit short and give you the TL;DR version, I signed up for a membership there.

While this place is also attempting to sell you a brand with their “YOU BELONG” and Rob Schneider from the Waterboy “YOU CAN DO EEET” types of slogans on the wall. I have to admit, it’s nice to have actual good workout equipment. The cardio machines aren’t top of the line, but they’ll do just fine in a pinch…but they’re leaps and bounds better than the other gym I tried.

What I don’t like about PF (yes I acronymized it, shut up), is that in their attempts to make fitness accessible to the vast public, and let’s face it America, we need it badly, it fails to make serious workout people feel included. The difference between the two can be summed up in a few items sorely missing from PF: Olympic weight sets and bars, a dedicated pull up bar, a squat rack, and Stairmills.

I dunno, it could just be my own personal preference when it comes to lifting and cardio, but my critique isn’t far from done. The front desk offers free candy to all who enter the establishment and once a month they have a pizza night for Crom’s sake! A gym offering pizza? Seems counter intuitive to me.

The real reason I am going to this location, is that it’s a good way for the wife and I to spend some quality time away from life for an hour or so. It’s also convenient for me right now because there’s no way in hell that you’ll find me running outdoors in this weather (Utah’s had like 3 weeks of sub 10 degree temperatures). It’s also convenient because I’m planning on doing a triathlon at year’s end so I’m getting the chance to do bike/run training done.

All in all, I think going to this gym is an all around positive experience for me, and for $10 a month, I can’t really think of a reason to NOT go there…except when it gets to be summer time and I’m in the middle of race season, where I’ll be beating up the outdoors most of the time.

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