“So, are you reading Chew?”

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I sauntered into the comic book story this past week.  My dealer had already placed my habit (a stack of six or seven comic books) on the counter.  After the usual pleasantries, I asked him:  “So, are you reading Chew?”

“Yeah, of course.  Aren’t you?”

“Ah, no…”  I reply.

“It’s good.  It is about this cop who eats things and finds out information from what he ate.”  (Not the best description of this slightly strange comic book, but this is my comic book store owner, not an overly compulsive-obsessive comic book reviewer on a website.)

I interrupted him:  “I have heard good things.  My friends like it.  What do you know about the new issue?  New storyline?”

He walked over and grabbed a copy from the shelf.  “Yeah, you can see on the cover it says ‘Just  Desserts, Part 1 of 5.’”

“Do you like it?”

“You should be reading this, Chad-san.”

I hate coming into the middle of  comic books series, so I ask, “Are there trades?”

“The first trade is out.”  FYI:  It is $9.99 for the first five issues.  “The second trade comes out next week.”  FYI:  It is 128 pages at $12.99.

Sounds like the perfect place for jumping in at, doesn’t it?

So, I have to ask you, “Are your reading Chew?”

(Yes, I did alter the conversation a little… but not that much!  Real comic book store owner involved!)

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