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Snyder Explains Superman

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Zack Snyder want’s to make thing perfectly clear to all of you people who are afraid of the new Superman movie and it’s interesting to say the least.

Mr. Snyder was recently interviewed from Digital Spy and this is what the director had to say about how Superman has to be filmed.

Let me just say one thing about Superman: he can’t do anything that’s not a visual effect. He can walk around and talk, but if he’s going to do something physical, that’s a visual effect, because he’s Superman. I think in the past people have tried to figure out how to do that with strings and putting cars on hydraulics and having him stand under it, but we’re really trying to work on a way of doing this that really makes that feel real.

I don’t quite know how they’re going to make a Kryptonian seem realistic, but I can bet it’s going to involve a ton of CG work.

[We’re] trying to understand the actual physics of what would have to happen for those things to happen. It just brings reality to that whole concept of picking up a car or whatever. That’s gotta be completely based on reality.

I get what he’s saying really but I don’t see how you can make someone believe that the Man of Steel is actually lifting a car in the air. It’s a comic movie Zack, just have fun and quit overthinking it.


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