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Sneak Peek of ‘The Layover’ Hosted by Anthony Bordain

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My wife and I are a fan of No Reservations on the Travel Channel, now that we get another show of his, are we watching?

The answer to that is, I don’t know. While the formula seems to be No Reservations but if you only had 1 day or 2 in a city, I’m still trying to figure out how this is really something new. Maybe it will be less of a food focus? I heard him talking a little bit about the show when he was one the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he made a decent sell of it. Hell, I’ll watch anyways, someone who talks shit about Rachel Ray and Paula Dean is awesome in my book. Check it out November 21st with me. So I have at least one person to talk to about it.

Here is a quick synopsis:

“The Layover,” premiering Monday, November 21 at 9:00pm ET/PT. From dive bars to five stars, viewers get a ringside seat as Tony goes on the hunt for local intel and explores the essential “must see” places, people and foods in locations throughout the U.S., Asia and Europe. His itineraries are totally off the beaten track. All completed within a matter of hours, these are mini-trips of a lifetime.

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