Alan Smithee

Snarf Goes Silent

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You can ask any Thundercats fan the same question about who they think was the most annoying character on the show and I can guarantee you that nine times out of ten, they’ll all come back with the same answer…SNARF!!!

Well, we won’t have to worry about that anymore really since the guys who are rebooting Thundercats have come out to say that the Snarf we all hated is gone and will be replaced with a silent, cutesy little buddy that won’t say anything except “snarf”.

According to the producer for the new series Michael Jelenic:

“Everyone always wants to know about Snarf. He will be in it, and he will not talk. Don’t worry. He won’t be going, ‘Lion-O, why don’t you do this?’ We’re just having him say, ‘Snarf! Snarf!’ That’s a way to get him in the show without annoying every single person who hates him. It’s funny, because people are always like, ‘I hate Snarf! Wait. you’re not going to put him in? That’s terrible!’”

I for one can’t wait until the new series comes out. I didn’t hate the original by any stretch of the imagination but the character of Snarf was always a bit too much.


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