Snake Eyes #7 – Mini Review

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I’ve expressed my love for all things Joe in the past and I really enjoyed the first Snake Eyes story arc. However, this second arc isn’t flowing as well for me. In past issues Duke has been infected with a Cobra bio agent and he and Snake are now on the hunt for the cure. They conveniently have the doctor who created the virus and are headed to his top secret lab to force him to give them the cure. In my opinion Snake Eyes is at his best when he’s acting alone, and this mission doesn’t seem to take advantage of his strengths.

With all of that said, I’m still drawn into the battle for the new Cobra Commander and am curious how this part of the story will tie into the larger story line. Also, with the willingness the writer have had to eliminate Joes and Cobras both I am curious if Duke is going to make it or not. Duke is a classic character and his demise would be pretty big for the Cobras. I think I am going to have to keep reading to find out if he makes it.



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