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Small Medium at Large: 11/22/10 – Genetic Geekery

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Hey listeners! Have you been wondering what has become of your SML fixes you used to get? We’ll lucky you, cause your good buddy Xopher has recorded a bit of audio to share with you all!

Keep in mind this is my first attempt at doing a solo podcast…so treat me with kid gloves until I get the hang of talking to the ether.

On today’s show, I discuss my life and hopes for passing down my geek torch to my children.

[gplayer href=”″]SML 11/22/2010 – Genetic Geekery[/gplayer]

Both tracks used at opening and closing music are Roni Size / Reprazent from their classic album New Forms, the first track is “Brown Paper Bag” and the second one is “Share the Fall” both can be found on Disc 1. Buy them because it’s a CD that belongs in everyone’s collections.

If that doesn’t work, RIGHT CLICK ME to download.

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