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SLCC FanX Secures Patrick Stewart

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Amazing news for attendees!

patrick stewart, the man, the myth, the legend

They did it…holy crap, they did it. In my inbox about thirty minutes ago, I received word from one of the PR directors from Salt Lake Comic Con FanX (which WPR has been greatly enjoying today), that they have indeed secured none other than Sir Patrick Stewart for an appearance at the event this Saturday!

Yes, you read that right, Gurney Halleck, Professor Charles Xavier, or Captain Jean-Luc Picard if you must, will be available on April 19th at the convention.

Dan Farr, the producer of the SLCC FanX had this to say about securing the amazing actor.

This is a huge win for our fans as we’ve been working for a long time to bring Patrick Stewart to Salt Lake Comic Con FanX, Patrick’s popularity in Star Trek and X-Men have made him so prevalent among Comic Con fans that adding him to an already impressive celebrity lineup at FanX will make this an epic event that nobody will want to miss

Also quoted below is Bryan Brandenburg, the Co-founder and VP of Marketing.

We listened to our fans and their requests for Patrick Stewart at FanX. We’re glad we can give them what they want and know that this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many.

This is truly an exciting turn of events for all who are attending the show this weekend. I know that I’ll have a little twinge of being starstruck if I see the man walking through the convention floor. I honestly can’t believe they’ve secured him considering how close we are to the release the next X-Men movie next month. Bravo SLCC, you make me proud.

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