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SLCC 2014: Sharknado and Ian Ziering

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I’ll be honest. I’ve never watched Sharknado. Or Sharknado 2. I HAVE seen plenty of Ian Ziering in my life though. You see, my older sister had this thing for 90210 and the show that aired after it called Party of 5. So much so that she would have friends over for “905 Nights” and if you tried entering the playroom when they were watching, these teenage girls of the early 90’s would hiss at you. So yes, I knew Ian Ziering was becoming more recognizable because of Sharknado, but still, I’ve never carved out time to watch it.


Well, it’s leaning in the right direction at least in more interest. Ian Ziering was very charming on stage, and I honestly gained a new respect for him as he tried to keep the Moderator from completely going off the rails. She kept trying to make something out of nothing, by constantly trying to get him to talk about being on celebrity apprentice (It’s not official and he’s obviously contractually obligated to stay quiet) then there was her obsession with him to stand up and show everyone his abs. In a way, I felt bad for Ian and he fended it all off pretty well. I was impressed with his passion for his family. He even went as far as to say that his wife made him do the first “Great White Sky” as the movie was called before being changed to “Sharknado”. He thought Sharknado wasn’t good but his wife said he needed to keep his insurance through SAG. They were due with their second daughter, and well, hospital bills. So, he took one for the team and did Sharknado for his family. He wanted nobody to see the movie at first, he hated the name. He called his agent to get him off the movie because he didn’t want to be associated with it. He had no idea it would become the major success that it is. So much so, he confirmed that Sharknado 3 is a go, and even Daniel Radcliffe wants to be a part of the next movie.

ian-ziering-chainsawIan Ziering even went as far as to comment on the latest celebrity photo hacking and surviving the Hunger Games. Saying that he’d survive the Hunger Games by killing everyone with a chainsaw. Then transitioned into saying that he’d show Jennifer Lawrence her naked pictures and say “What’s up with this?” then chainsaw it up. His stance on the celebrity nude pictures is that you “Don’t take a picture that you wouldn’t want your mom to see.”

While the panel kept feeling a little awkward as the moderator kept trying to lift up Ian Ziering’s shirt in any way possible, or get him to accidentally ruin a potential Celebrity Apprentice deal by spilling details. My wife and I did have a great time listening to Ian, we both have a new respect for him and really look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

Will it be Sharknado that we watch next? You’ll just have to wait and see

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