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SLCC 2014 – Pop Culture’s Influence on Comedy

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Immediately following the Geekshow Podcast Live panel that I attended, I shuffled across the hall over to what I was sure to be a very informative panel regarding how Pop Culture has invaded my one true love, comedy.

Some of you might not know this about me, but I have set a goal of getting in front of a crowd and trying my hand at stand-up comedy. I’d never say that I fancy myself as some sort of comedian, but after doing a podcast for a number of years, I’d like to think that I have a good sense of timing and story pacing, and the only direction to go when doing an open mic is up since you’re supposed to be not good at the beginning.

Anyways, the panel was headed by a 4 local comedians and one from Ireland (who said that naked comedy is actually a thing outside the US…no thanks), who went over some tips and tricks about how to not die on stage. They each told their most horrible jokes even though there were a few kids in the crowd, and shared their stories about bombing at some of the more seedy locations in the state where you can practice your craft.

I had dragged our very own Ryan Thomason along with me selfishly because I’m a glutton for all things comedy but I’m glad he enjoyed himself as much as I did. The best bit of the whole panel was that Jay Whittaker from Geekshow had one too many drinks and was about 2.5 sheets toward the wind at the panel, which means he was funny as hell and uninhibited. Near the end of the panel, they offered the last 10 minutes for everyone who wanted to try out their routine to come up to the dais and give it a go. Ryan ribbed me about 7 times, but I didn’t feel there would have been enough time to get my killer tale of parental carnal lust out into the open…so that’s a story for another time.

Believe me, when it does make it into the real world, you’ll be the first to know WPR fans.

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