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SLCC 2014 – Geekshow Podcast LIVE

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There’s a local geek podcast for us Utah-centric geeks that’s been around longer than this site has been active that has not only one of the largest audiences, but one of the most unapologetic panels in the world that have a combined knowledge of geek culture that would encompass over 100 years. To say that they know what they’re talking about on this show would be quite the understatement.

The Geekshow Podcast is a local podcast to us Utahns that is hosted by Kerry Jackson: one of three hosts on Utah’s longest running and top rated morning show, Radio From Hell. The panel itself consists of other local geek fonts of knowledge, Leigh George Kade, Shannon Barnson, Jay Whittaker, Scott Pierce, and Jimmy Martin who are some of the funniest people who will remind you of every best friend you ever had.

I was lucky enough to attend their live recording of their show this week at Salt Lake Comic Con and was laughing and applauding my entire way through the show. Whether it was the constant demand for audience participation or the sheer amount of alcohol that the panel imbibed, the gentlemen were in rare form. When you’re riding a wave of cheer that high, there’s no staying on point, therefore their entire show was full of jokes at each others expense or tales of sexual promiscuity.

It was a raucous and rare performance that solidified the fact that I need to re-subscribe to their show after a year’s hiatus from listening. Any time I get a chance to be around these guys at a live recording again, I’m sure I will do my best to attend. It was that good. I won’t give too many details as the real fun comes from listening to it all play out organically. Head over to their site and give them a listen.

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