Alan Smithee

Skyline – Trailer

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It seems that every couple of years, there has to be a movie where mankind is decimated or is about to be decimated by extra-terrestrial beings. To me, how they portray our destruction is the real meat of these movies, and Skyline aims to please. I’ll just say this…vacuum cleaner.

The teaser trailer (for those of you with no youtube access) portrays Dan Rather describing on a news program what Stephen Hawking said about us getting a visit from the ETs. In so many words, “be careful about contacting aliens, they might not be so nice to us.”

At the end of the teaser is one of the most wicked scenes of CG I’ve seen implemented in a movie like this, they’re not out to just wipe us out…they use a gigantic vacuum to suck up thousands and thousands of humans into each ship, but for what purpose?!?

I’m gonna go build myself a home in a cave somewhere now if you’ll excuse me.

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