Alan Smithee

SkullGirls Needs More Fans

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I want to put it out there right now, 2D fighting games will die unless people like us start showing some more love for the genre. In a world that’s being dominated by the 2.5D fighting games like Super Street Fighter IV, and soon enough Mortal Kombat.

It does my heart good to know that there are still companies that have dreams of making the next 2D fighter, what warms it up even more is knowing that it actually is coming from the US of A instead of Japan.

SkullGirls looks to be such a game. Another selling point to me is that the game will feature an all-girl cast, which means it’s nothing but cat fights all around. The game is being developed by a small group called Reverge, that is staffed mainly by ex Pandemic guys after that studio went belly-up. It’s currently in pre-beta and they’re demoing it at trade shows at the moment…but I want more…much more.

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