Skull Kickers #2

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What can I do to convince you to read Skull Kickers? this is a continuation “One Thousand Opas and a Dead Body” written by Jim Zubkavich, with art by Misty Coats and Edwin Huang.

The story picks up where the previous issue ends with the yet unnamed duo attempting to steal the body assassinated in the previous issue. Some thing else is beating them to the punch. As giant zombie escapes with the body, the pair captures one of the thieves. After basting the thief and threatening to eat him the thief tells our heroes where the body was taken.

I love this book, the art work is wonderful it looks like 80’s cel animation. The writing is stellar, I found myself laughing out loud. One of my favorite quotes from this issue is “Corpse Juice in me beard smells!”

This book is $2.99. On a side note the first issue is on its 3rd printing.

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