Skate 3 – Teaser Trailer

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Before I got into Skate I was always a Tony Hawk man, Skate scared me with it’s realistic controls and lifelike skate mechanics.  Then when Tony Hawk lost it’s way with T.H.U.G  and became the Bam Margera show I figured I’d give Skate a go, and there was no looking back.  I love the controls and the game play, everything felt so intuitive, natural and was generally a joy to play.  Skate 2 refined the game which was all it really needed and brought some fun additions in the form of the Hall of Meat where you got to make extra cash by bailing as hard as you could when you fell off.  Suffice to say as soon as I saw the video this morning I got pretty psyched for it’s release next May.  The focus here seems to be on team play and it seems like you’ll be able to jump online and form your own skate crews before taking part in online competitions, how this will be represented in the single player game I’m not sure but rest assured I’ll be keeping my eye on this one until it comes out.

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