Ryan Thomason

Simpsons Opening Credits Last Night

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The Simpsons was a show that I used to watch every week, then it became every other week. When I got my DVR I recorded all the new episodes but didn’t watch most before deleting. Now, the show only records if I have nothing else going on in that timeslot. Last night when I saw it recorded I did what I tend to do now, and that is just watch the opening “couch gag” scene. I have to say I liked it so much that I wanted to let you guys in on it. Apparently it was storyboarded and directed by world-famous street artist Banksy. Who now that I did some research has done some pretty awesome street artwork. So here you go, Unicorn abuse, Clones, and The Simpsons. This is possibly one of my most favorite of these gags created. Enjoy.

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