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SimCity Headed to Facebook

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Zynga, the company who has the “Facebook game kings” title locked down tight with their games like Farmville and CityVille have attracted the attention of a very jealous EA who own the rights to one of the most beloved simulation games ever made, SimCity. Should Zynga worry?

To give you the short answer, no…and I’ll tell you why.

People know what The Sims are, EA made sure of that with the bucketloads of cash they made off that series. In the meantime, Will Wright has been busy making Spore into something. That’s it, something. I can’t defend or attack the series since I never touched it, but I can tell you what both of those things aren’t…they’re not Sim-F*CKING-City.

To frame this to you the most appropriate way that I can, SimCity is one of the few games that I’ve bought on multiple platforms because I enjoy the elements of gameplay that it introduces. The little kid in me loved making roads and destroying the city with natural disasters, while the adult in me has come to appreciate the complex dance that being a city planner involves. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever owned, the only problem is that there hasn’t been a NEW version of the game in years. The last version we got was SimCity 4 back in the beginning of 2004. The kids don’t know and don’t care about a series that hasn’t been relevant for three quarters of a decade. They don’t have the attention span to do so.

Facebook and Farmville made Zynga filthy rich, and when they introduced CityVille, they solidified their position and in my opinon, don’t have anything to worry about from a new SimCity. It’ll get a big crowd sure, but nowhere near enough to take any cash out of Zynga’s pocket.

Someone please prove me wrong.


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