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Silk #4 Has Cindy Moon Punching Peter Parker In The Face

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Silk #4, written by Robbie Thompson and drawn by Annapaola Martello, brings in the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man as they try to figure out why Cindy’s senses are so off.

Silk #4
Silk #4 cover by Dave Johnson from Marvel.com

Silk #4

WRITER: Robbie Thompson

ARTIST: Annapaola Martello

COLORIST: Ian Herring

LETTERER: VC’s Travis Lanham

PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

RELEASE DATE: May 13, 2015
Order a copy of Silk #4 to be delivered to your door, or Cindy Moon will punch YOU in the face.

The Fantastic Four have swept in with Spider-Man to try and help Cindy figure out why her senses are so off. The answer, however, isn’t the one that she wants and it might take some time for her to come to terms with it. Cindy also gets to go on her first date in over ten years with none other than Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch.

If nothing else Silk #4 continues to prove to me that this creative team is trying to make Cindy Moon the most relatable character in the Marvel Universe. While her powers aren’t something that we can relate to, however, for someone like myself she is extremely relatable as I have also isolated myself from the world. I don’t do it for years on end mind you, but as someone who struggles with depression sometimes you have to go into, well, a bunker for your own good to re acclimate. The problem is the adjustment once you remove yourself from isolation. It’s not easy and I’m very pleased to see how Robbie Thompson is letting it play out. It would be very easy for a writer to “hand wave” that aspect of her personality away, but Thompson has made it an integral part of Cindy’s journey.

There is also her need to get back out there in the world. Cindy is so determined to prove Reed wrong with his diagnosis (which I am not spoiling and won’t because I like it too much to do so) that she goes out and does “what young people do”, which is go to clubs and then go on a date. Cindy and Johnny’s version of a date isn’t exactly one that you would expect and they quickly abandon “the normal date” template for what makes both of them comfortable. In this aspect I think Thompson might have stumbled a bit. Cindy is awkward but as awkward as you would expect someone to be who suffered that sort of isolation. She had to break up with the man she loved, lie about why and is then sees him again for the first time. That interaction felt real while this date felt a little off. Perhaps I’m trying to see too much of myself in Cindy.

Even if I felt like that date wasn’t as awkward as it should have been doesn’t take away from the fact that Thompson is still doing a great job penning this story. The flashbacks are small and don’t take over the entire story in a way that might not work for this tone. I like the way we are peeling back Cindy’s past a little at a time. It keeps me engaged as a reader because the plot concerning Black Cat is, thus far, the least interesting part of the book. We also have a guest artist Annapaola Martello. This is her first time working with Marvel and I like the new look she brought to this book with her artwork. They blend with Ian Herring’s colors and I would like to see her pop up more in the Marvel universe.

Silk #4 is another great addition to a series that you absolutely should be reading already. Now that Secret Wars is taking place I’m curious to see how this will effect this book and the direction it takes. As long as I still get the same Cindy, I’m going to keep this one on my pull list.

Silk #4
Silk #4 internal image from Comixology.com

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