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Silk #2 Gives Us A Better Insight Into Cindy Moon

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Silk #2, written Robbie Thompson and drawn by Stacey Lee, continues our introduction to Cindy Moon as she adjusts to the real world and becomes a hero.

Silk #2 cover by Dave Johnson from Marvel.com

Silk #2

WRITER: Robbie Thompson

ARTIST: Stacey Lee

COLORIST: Ian Herring

LETTERER: VC’s Travis Lanham

PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

RELEASE DATE: March 18, 2014
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Cindy Moon AKA Silk was bitten by a radioactive spider and got locked in a windowless bunker for ten years. She’s back out in the world working as an intern and a superhero, but the family she lost isn’t anywhere to be found. Cindy is still trying to adjust to being around people as the past constantly re-emerges to remind her of everything that has happened.

The thing I think I find ultimately so refreshing about Silk is the fact that it’s telling a familiar story but looking at it from different angles. In issue two we see the trope of the hero running into a lost love. Cindy, however, seems like she’s having a much harder time seeing her ex boyfriend move on than other heroes might, and that comes from her isolation. Cindy is still learning how to be a person in the real world and that is going to take some time. This is like watching someone stumble into the light after being locked in a cult for a long time. The bunker she was locked in hampered Cindy’s sense of time, and her photographic memory just makes the memories of her past that much more painful.

That also comes into play as she searches for the family she had to give up. Cindy’s family has vanished without a trace and she is doing everything she can to find them. The neighborhood she grew up in is different and a constant reminder of what she lost. We also see her coming into her own as a hero as she fights a robot despite the fact that her senses still aren’t working properly.

I believe it’s time for Marvel fans to file for joint custody of writer Robbie Thompson. As I said the story that is being told with Cindy isn’t anything we haven’t read before, but it’s the different points of view that I find so interesting. The challenges that Cindy face have more to do with the real world than the villains that populate the Marvel universe. I would argue that, with the way Thompson writes her, there are times when Cindy would rather punch a villain than carry on a conversation with another human being. That kind of emotion is helped by artist Stacey Lee whose beautiful designs make Cindy one of the most emotive characters I’ve seen in comics. Those lovely designs and colors by Ian Herring continue to make this one of the most beautiful comics on the market.

Silk #2 continues the trend of new and interesting female characters from Marvel. I’m hoping that with the Secret Wars event coming up Cindy will continue to grace the pages of the Marvel universe. She’s the second special something to come out of the Spider-Verse event and one worth looking into.

Silk #2 variant cover by Jake Forbes from Marvel.com

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