Silent Hill- Past Life #2

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This is the Second issue brought to us by Tom Waltz and Menton3.

This second issue picks up right where the first one leaves off. Jeb is in conflict with his past, and wonders if he can truly change, rather than deal with his “visitor” from the previous issue like he would have in the past, he decides to let the sheriff handle it. When Jeb arrives in town, where everyone he runs into seems to be familiar with his old self, “Hellrider” and well, knowing things they shouldn’t. Meanwhile the “visitor” from the first issue stops buy to see Esther. While she is helpful and courteous, everything she says seems to have another meaning, an effect that is added to by the art work.

The book is engulfing. 90 percent of the story is in the pictures, if the text is simply read the story would be unremarkable. Each page seems to have a duel meaning, the story that is on the surface, found in the text; and a second almost prime evil, atavistic, story that is found in the artwork. Every piece of Menton3’s artwork is disturbingly beautiful. The intentional conflict between the two leaves the reader’s skin crawling and disoriented with the constant conflict between the two.

I highly recommend this book, and I can’t wait for the next issue.

Price? $3.99

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