Silent Hill: Downpour Delayed Until Next Year

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A representative of Konami today confirmed that Silent Hill: Downpour will be delayed until Q2 2012, after the game’s release date was changed on Amazon Germany and other retailers. That means that the game will not come out till at least March as that quarter is set from then until the end of June.

Honestly? This is a good thing. I played a demo of the game at the Eurogamer Expo a few weeks ago and well, it wasn’t very good. While that was partly the fault of the demo beginning with an unexplained puzzle section, the game was just boring to play. Even with the limitations of a loud and busy convention, it didn’t feel like any of the atmosphere Silent Hill is known for was there and there was a worryingly heavy focus on combat, which while different was just as clunky as previous games in the series. From what I played the game definitely needs more work if it’s going to be anything more than a poor attempt of Konami hopping on Alan Wake’s success and hopefully another 5 months at least will help with that.

Silent Hill: Downpour was announced in April 2010 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and is being developed by Czech based studio Vatra Games. It follows a convict as the prison transport he is in crashes and before long he ends up finding his way in Silent Hill. None of Team Silent are involved, not even Arika Yamaoka as he was replaced by Daniel Licht, who is known for his work on the music score of the TV series Dexter. Much to everyone’s dismay, Korn are providing the game’s theme song.

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