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Sigourney Weaver Confirms Her Role in Avatar Sequels

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As the website’s resident Avatar geek (I refuse to consider myself an Avatar’d anymore) I’m thrilled to read that in the sequels to Avatar the science-fiction veteran and all around badass Sigourney Weaver will be on set during the filming of all THREE sequels.



It was announced some time ago that James Cameron was planning on doing the same “film all three at one go” effort that was made famous by Peter Jackson during the Hobbit and LOTR films, meaning that the primer we received during the first film is just part one of four movies that will populate the Avatar universe.

It should be known already, but SPOILER if you hadn’t heard…but Sigourney Weaver’s character Dr. Grace Augustine, who was essentially the only person who gave a crap about the Na’vi in the corporation, died as her consciousness was being transferred from her human body to her avatar.

Apparently, and this is only speculation, being the only human to be transferred into Eywa (the Na’vi holy tree) her consciousness is probably left intact and will communicate with Jake and Neytiri at some point. But to quote Mrs. Weaver: 

“It’s going to be an adventure! It will be awesome. I can’t even imagine what I am taking on — and what James Cameron is taking on — with filming three AVATARs at once, but … Peter Jackson did it with the HOBBIT films, so we have that to look to. It will be challenging for me. I can’t talk about it, but my part is a little different in each one. I’ll transform somewhat. We’ll have to talk again when I survive this. For now, I’m going to skittle around and enjoy this leisure time.”

I can’t wait.


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