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Shutter #1: Adventure into a Strange New World

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It’s a wild, wild world for Kate Kristopher in Shutter #1! This New York City has dirigibles and huge birds in the sky plus anthropomorphic animals and astronauts riding the subway. Let Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Luca take you on a fantastical journey courtesy of their down-to-earth and combat capable protagonist.

Shutter #1 cover via

Shutter #1 cover via

Shutter #1
Writer: Joe Keatinge
Artist: Leila Del Luca
Colors: Owen Gieni
Letters: Ed Brisson
Publisher: Image Comics
Release date: April 9, 2013

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Twenty years ago, Kate Kristopher turned seven years old and her dad took her to the moon. Alas, Kate found it boring and just a bunch of rocks. Her dad points out that the moon being a bunch of rocks is only one perspective. Then, he challenges her to change it.

On her twenty-seventh birthday, Kate is awoken by her alarm cat and a TV report about some long lost gods returning to Moroccan monoliths. Alarm cat sings her a song about her birthday and is promptly punched in the nose. That tells you a little about how Kate is feeling on this day.  On the train in to town, Kate is approached by an excited young boy clutching a copy of Scythe of the Fire Reapers by Kate Kristopher.  He asks Kate why she doesn’t write any more books. Her reply: life got pretty boring. The exploring and adventure is behind her now and Kate’s got a freelance gig working as a photographer.  And she has a roommate, who really wants to take her out for her birthday—all a very normal life. But like all her last ten birthdays, Kate will be spending it with her father at his gravesite. Yet unlike past years, she is attacked by two glowing purple ninjas. Then a steampunky robot shows up to tell her that he can tell her the one thing her father never told her. Her twenty-seventh birthday is shaping up to be a truly life changing day.

Shutter #1 is kind of a crazy tale. There is a bit of everything in here from tentacles to robots or self-aware cat alarm clocks. Such a fantastic tale, Keatinge hits adventurous and tender moments in his script. It will be interesting to see where the story goes and if it focuses in on a single adventure or continues to pull in images and experience from Kate’s past. Given what Keatinge has shown us about Kate’s adventure with her father, it would be nice to see her reacquaint herself with that life and possible write some more novels.

Del Luca’s art has an impressionistic quality that lends itself to the story. I mentioned the robots and tentacles, but Del Luca also serves up bellhop alligators and lizard girls. All parts of this imagined universe work together in large part due to the art style.

Recommendation: Give this a try if you like adventure stories that have a bit of everything. Kate and her dad’s adventures are a bit Jonny Quest, Tintin, and what I imagine a young Lara Croft to have experienced. Kate has similar qualities to the new Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue DeConnick or Jacques Tardi’s Adele Blanc Sec series.

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