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SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY: Pop! Star Wars Figures 3-pack: Rancor with Luke & Slave Oola

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It’s hard to deny that the Pop! Figures are anything but desirable. I can’t hold back anymore, I’ve been looking at these figures for a long time, filled with jealousy as my friends show off their own Pop! figures. The urge to collect these things are strong, but my wallet can only take so many of my collections and hobbies. Good thing I have a birthday coming up in the next month. The 3 pack has a 6″ Rancor with a Luke and that twi’lek slave dancer Oola for us to wow our friends with. Or, we can just do our best to withhold the giddyness that will without a doubt happen when you set scene up on your own shelf at home.

I’m going to need to buy a new shelf, because I have a feeling if I buy these Pop! Star Wars figures with my coming birthday money/gift cards (seriously, the best gift to give someone) I’m going to be splurging in way too many Pop! figures that I’ve been itching to buy.


From the PR Email: Recreate the iconic Rancor battles in Jabba’s Palace from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi with the figurepack, featuring a 6” supersized Rancor POP! and two 3 ¾” vinyl figures of Oola, Jabba the Hutt’s Twi’lek slave dancer, and Luke Skywalker wearing his black Jedi costume and wielding a bone. Whether you’re a

collector of Star Wars toys or Pop! figures or just a kid at heart, the POP! Star Wars: Rancor figure set is a must-have for Star Wars fans.

The figure pack can be found on page 518 of the January PREVIEWS catalog and is available to pre-order for $39.99 at any comic shop using item code JAN162387. Find a shop at www.comicshoplocator.com to order your own figure pack!

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