Shrek Forever After to debut April 21st – Did we really need another?

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It’s been announced that “Shrek Forever After”, the 4th movie in the series will be shown off at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 21st with the wide release scheduled for May 21st. It is also being announced as the final movie in the series, and I for one am happy to hear that. If only I had heard that after the 2nd one. Read on to hear me complain.

I’ll sum my feelings up very quickly for you. Shrek was funny when it came out. Mike Myers could do no wrong (until Cat in the Hat). Shrek 2 was amazing in my eyes, thanks to all the pop culture references. At this point, I would’ve been happy to hear the end of the series.

Then Shrek the Third is announced. Now originally, I wasn’t dreading this very much and was actually looking forward to it. But then the movie came out and I saw it opening weekend and I was immediately disappointed. The story never really clicked with me. It lost the charm and the joy the first two gave me and I didn’t see the wit and style present in those previous films. I felt the gags were forced since they saw how much of a hit the pop culture references were and they overloaded the movie with those. With every hot movie series getting to at least a third movie and each movie being cranked out faster, I find that I tire out on a series quicker now.

I’m now afraid that the fourth movie won’t be worth even going to the theater for. I may invoke the “Wait for Netflix”. While they say this is the final chapter, I wouldn’t put it past them to keep making Shrek movies because they keep making money (wait for the eventual straight to DVD releases!).

How about you readers? Are you willing to go watch the 4th and final(?) Shrek movie? Or will you go because you’ve got kids? Let us know!

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