Ryan Thomason

Showtime is Adapting…Chew?

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We’ve talked about this comic done by John Layman and Rob Guillory quite a few times on WPR, and we’re very excited to let you know that it’s Showtime is willing to give it a chance as a series. If you didn’t know, Chew is the story of an FBI agent who snacks on the dead to absorb their memories.

Deadline broke the news that Showtime is readying a dark series adaptation of the popular comic book. Chew centers around federal agent Tony Chu, a “cibopath” able to get psychic impression from the things he eats who is assigned to the most usual and bizarre crimes. So yes, there’s a lot of truly awesome moments in the pages of this comic series.

Stephen Hopkins (24, Californication) is set to direct the pilot episode, and to executive produce the project for Circle of Confusion (the same company behind AMC’s The Walking Dead). We can’t wait to hear more, and are really excited to see what Showtime does with this great comic book series.

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