Ryan Thomason

Showtime Does a Partial Pullout on Netflix

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If you want to be streaming shows that are currently still in production for Showtime, you have about 3 more months to do so. When I was a kid, Showtime was a channel we were told by our parents not to watch mostly because they had soft core porn at night, though they never canceled the subscription. There is still Cinemax for that stuff right? Apparently since that time Showtime has stepped up and actually added some shows worth watching. According to Showtime CEO Matt Blank, this doesn’t have anything to do with Netflix taking the working it’s way into original programming (as they’ll be doing with Kevin Spacey in “House of Cards” at some point in the near future).

“With all the options out there, we want to be sure people know they have to subscribe to see Dexter or The Borgias,” Blank said. Basically, they want you to pay $10-15 dollars a month for Showtime only instead of paying Netflix $8.

The one piece of good news in this whole thing is that Showtime series which are no longer in production will remain available for streaming on Netflix. That doesn’t do much good for fans of shows that, you know, were awesome enough not to get cancelled, but it’s something!

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