Showdown at the Rockstar Corral Scheduled

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Well we knew it would happen eventually.  Once Rockstar’s newest bestseller, Red Dead Redemption in this case, hit the shelves it was only a matter of time before Fox latched on to it.  This Saturday, May 29th at 12 pm EST/11 CST, but check your local listings.

The film is 30 minutes long and was created by John Hillcoat (The Road, The Proposition). The movie uses the cutscenes from the game as well as a free roaming camera to create a moreand fluid

I can’t imagine what Fox News will be like after this video is shown. Especially with the Nun vs Train video that was released earlier in the week. If you haven’t seen it, watch this and then imagine the ammo the talking heads at Fox News will have to fire off about this game. Think blue alien lesbian sex was bad in ME? Think the Hot Coffee scandal in San Andreas was bad? Wait till they watch this.

It’s high noon boys. Time to draw.

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