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Show Us on the Doll Where This Man Hurt You

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If you want to internet punch the guy behind the “Friday” fiasco, here he is. Commit this face to memory and start prowling the web streets. Patrice Wilson. I only say it like that because really, we shouldn’t go around punching people, my 3 year old knows that. I know we’ve joined the hatred bandwagon for the song that seems to be what everyone is talking about, regardless of their affiliation with it. If you want to read a good interview with the guy behind ARK that produced the song/video. Check it out here.

“I believe that in 10 years from now people will look at that song ‘Friday’ as a historical song because it competed on the charts and it was from an independent production company,” Wilson told us in a phone interview.

Since “Friday” broke, Wilson has kept a low profile, his major media appearance being an interview posted to Ark’s YouTube account that is the opposite of hard-hitting. Ark has been dogged by accusations that it’s a scam to profit off of kids’ sad dreams of fame. The parents of aspiring pop starlets (they’re almost all young girls) typically pay Ark $2,000-$4,000 for a package that includes a song, a video, and a session with an “image consultant.” (Black’s parents paid $4,000 for “Friday”.)

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