Alan Smithee

Shit’s About to Get Real

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Shure PG48QTR

Ladies and gentlemen of MWN, we have our first financial backer. Conrad Zimmerman of has graciously sent me a microphone to start recording podcasts for the website. Not only just a simple microphone, but a Shure PG-48 at that! Anyone who knows portable media knows that Shure mics are some of the best for the price. While it may not be a Sennheiser, you better bet that this is going to be more than enough to blast your eardrums on your way to work or school.

That’s right people, this shit is about to get really real in the world of Mediawhore. Now that I have all the pieces together to start my campaign to take over the world through internet superiority. This website is about to get a weekly podcast starring me (the fearless leader) and a few of my fellow man-whores.

The first episode records this weekend and will be on iTunes come Monday morning to help you through your work week. I’ll let you guys know what and when in a post later this week.

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