Shit Just Got Real: Fight With Limewire Results In Beer Soaking

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It’s time for our light hearted comedy post of the week and this week it comes from the Big Apple, Although it involves Lime and Pizza. Now I’ve never been a fan of Limewire. Of the few times I’ve tried it out of curiosity, I’ve found it’s nothing but a haven for viruses and trojans so it’s not worth bothering with in my eyes.  As you also know, Limewire is also a haven for piracy, which is why what happened in NYC is so funny.

It all kicks off when some guys from a small music label called Dovecote records are eating pizza at their local bar as they’d been told that there was free pizza at the bar that night. However everything goes to hell when a woman comes over and accuses them of stealing the pizza for her company’s party which is taking place in the bar. Confused, the Dovecote guys try to apologize and even offer to pay for the pizza, but she ignores the offer and tells them they can’t steal things from other people.

Now here’s the great part. One of the Dovecote guys tries to befriend her and asks what company she works for. She says she works for Limewire. Considering she just told them that they can’t steal things, that’s pretty hypocritical. In a rage, one of the Dovecote guys says and I quote “Oh ok. Well I work at a record label so fuck you. You’ve stolen from us enough. (Bites pizza. Begins to walk away.)”

Now it could have just ended there and then but then one of them tried to steal a whole Pizza from Limewire, resulting in a Limewire software developer pouring beer all over him. Now we’ve only heard this story from Dovecote’s perspectiveve but it’s still a pretty funny story. Obviously the guy shouldn’t have tried to steal a whole Pizza but just the idea of what happened is amazing. If that’s the worst of what happens, then you can at least say there was one casualty in the labels vs users war, a shirt stinking of beer.

Source: Techcrunch (thanks for Tweeting it Wardrox!)

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