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Shadow Complex 2 Announced?

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Donald Mustard, the creative director for Chair Entertainment, has been a real busy guy as of late. Not only has his company jumped onto the scene with the Xbox Live Arcade smash hit Shadow Complex, but their iOS game Infnity Blade is the focus of many new iPad 2 gamers’ lives as I write this.

Looks like he’s going to be even busier this year since he all but said recently that there will be a Shadow Complex 2. In an interview with Eurogamer, he had the following to say about the upcoming Chair title:

“I’ll put it this way. More Shadow Complex isn’t a question of if, it’s a question of when. Shadow Complex is our baby and we love it dearly and, y’know, we’re working on some cool stuff. That’s all I can say.”

It’s interesting that with all of the time the company has spent making Infinity Blade one of the hottest sellers on the iPad and iPhone app stores that they’re apparently not planning on porting it over to the touchscreen market. In his own words:

“I still cannot think of a way that we’d be able to bring over the precision controls that Shadow Complex needs to be amazing. Shadow Complex is designed for a controller. I’m not a fan of trying to shoehorn console controls onto touch screens. They don’t feel right. You just lose so much precision.”

I guess I can’t argue with him there, but if Apple were to ever take this gaming thing serious and release a peripheral for the system so that we gamers can play more than Mahjong or Angry Birds then I might believe that console and portable gaming are slowly on the way out. But until then, I’ll gladly take this game on my Xbox.

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