Sex Decoy: Love Stings, a train wreck you can’t look away from

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My good buddy, Aerox, told me about this new reality show he had been watching on called Sex Decoy:Love Stings. It’s about a women basically running a PI firm to set up and to catch cheaters in the act of cheating on their better halves. I told him I’d watch it and get back to him on my impressions.

After watching 6 episodes I can honestly say that Sex Decoy:Love Stings is just about the worst thing I have ever watched on TV….and I can’t stop watching it.

First of all watch this promo and if this doesn’t look like a recipe for a clusterfuck of a show, just wait.

Sex Decoy is on the Fox Reality Channel and I usually watch it on Sunday afternoons with several friends in IRC. The show follows Sandra Hope, owner and founder of Mate Check Private Investigations, which she runs with her ‘boyfriend’ Tom. I call him a ‘boyfriend’ because this guy is so obviously gay that he was just hired for this part because they needed some stupid man to be their ‘tech guy’. Give me a break. It’s bad enough Sandra uses way too much makeup and wears some of the worst wigs you’ve ever seen, but let’s talk about her daughters.

She has three of them(which I doubt, none of them resemble her at all), Kashmir the ‘stripper’, Jasmine the ‘party girl’ and Xanadu the ‘little angel’. Sandra has recruited these three daughters to be her ‘Decoys’ or actresses to play the roles to tempt men to cheat. A basic show goes like this.

A ‘client’ calls in and explains his/her situation to Sandra or Tom and then Sandra chooses one of her slutty daughters to go with her on the meet and greet. There they find out more about the suspected cheater and set up a time to let the cheater meet the daughter or outside decoy that Sandra chooses. They do some prep work by setting up some hidden cameras at their location as well as a sometimes a final location to bring the cheater to, like a house or a hotel room. The decoy then goes and meets the cheater and tries to get him/her to incriminate themselves while their loved one watches it all unfold in the family’s mobile HQ(read:giant RV). After the big reveal is usually when most of the drama happens but the really funny parts of the show are watching the daughters and how bad they are at PI work.

Take a C rate production and an incredibly cheesy and stupid intro and you have all the makings of a train wreck of a show….but one that once people watch, can’t help but watch again because it’s SOOOOOOOO BAAADDD.

I’ll be on this sunday afternoon watching it in IRC if any of you want to watch it with me. Here’s the first episode, you should be able to catch up by then. Also, check out their website and see for yourself how bad it can get.

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