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Sex Criminals: “Suzie Down in the Quiet” Issue Review

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“It brought out my inner fangirl”



Matt Fraction


Chip Zdarsky




Sex Criminals #1 (2nd Printing) – $2.80 (Click the link to buy it now!)
Retail Price: $3.50

Release Date:

September 25th 2013

I had heard a bit about Sex Criminals before it was released so I was pretty excited to read it. I like Matt Fraction and it’s a comic book about sex. Magic time-stopping sex. What could possibly go wrong? The answer is nothing, absolutely nothing. It’s everything I wanted and more. Sex jokes? Check. Feelings for a weird little girl that reminds me way too much of myself at that age? Check. Glowing penis? Ah, check.
Matt Fraction’s “Hawkeye” series already hooked me as a fan so hearing he was starting a new series brought out my inner fangirl. He writes like he’s sitting next to you whispering witty jokes to you while you read. And there’s no fourth wall here friends; you’re right there in the fray with little Suzie as she traverses that horribly awkward time known as prepubescence. Chip Zdarsky’s art style adds to the general feel of the book. Simple and realistic (to the degree a comic book can be anyway). The storyline jumps in time a bit especially with “adult” Suzie talking in the background all the time. But if you slow down, take time to take in each panel and you should follow.

I’m definitely not done with this series. Not by a long shot.  I’m excited to see where they take this story and if there’ll be more glowing genitalia. If sex outside the intimacy of your bedroom makes you uncomfortable, I’d pass on this one. Otherwise keep an eye out for it under the Image banner at your local comic shop!

I give Sex Criminals  4 out of 5 Batarangs!

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