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Sex Criminals #6: Faking It

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Jon and Suzie return after a short hiatus from their sex crimes and settle down into domestic bliss in Sex Criminals # 6. Maybe.

Sex Criminals #6

Sex Criminals # 6


Sex Criminals #6
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Chip Zdarsky

Publisher: Image Comics
Release date: June 25, 2014

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After releasing their first trade collection of Sex Criminals issues 1-5, Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky took a quick vacation from The Quiet. Perhaps the interlude was to powwow for Sex Criminals # 6 and figure out what happens next for our two love birds?

For those of you not in the loop, here’s a quick recap:

Our titular love-makers Suzie and Jon have met, fallen in love, and discovered that they share an extraordinary ability to freeze time when they climax. Both had already been aware of their nifty powers, having each discovered in their late teens that they could get to this “quiet” place (or as Jon refers to it, “Cum World”) by diddling their pinkies and sneezing love juice. Now, after having experienced this situation together, they have finally found themselves to be partners in crime, which is exactly what they proceed to do. Suzie and Jon decide that while everything is freeze-framed, they are going to rob banks – partially because it’s fun and sexy but also to help Suzie save her library from foreclosure. They run into some trouble when the “Sex Police” sniff out their trail of sex smells and are ready to take them down for misusing their powers.

Now for the current issue:

In issue 6, the honeymoon is over and Jon and Suzie settle into a relationship with less sex and more reality (not that any of us could relate to THAT). They have funneled money back into the bank and are working hard to keep from using their power to commit further crimes. Suzie has even been blessed by the bank with an extension on the library’s mortgage. With no sign of the Sex Police, the couple discovers their phones have been tagged with a GPS tracking device that beeps when they engage in hanky-panky (whether together or solo). Additionally, all of this reality is affecting Jon rather heavily, especially when he feels his myriad of social and mental anxieties creeping back into his life. OCD, ADHD and a host of other disorders seemingly plague his life and curtail his desires.

Sex Criminals often reminds me of a witty rom-com, albeit with weird science around the edges. I truly enjoy the sci-fi aspects but am often bored by the relationship speak that Suzie and Jon tend to partake in. As such, Issue 6 was a real downer for me. Yes, I get it–relationships go through slumps and not everyone wants sex all of the time. I’m also not some sort of nymphomaniac who isn’t happy unless everyone in the story is getting laid. I am, however, a bit of a sci-fi slut and often find myself missing those elements when they are lacking in Sex Criminals. I personally would have liked to see them up the ante from bank robbing to maybe espionage. Or perhaps to Batman-style vigilantism, where Jon and Suzie fight crime and save little old ladies all while wearing masks.

I get the sense Fraction wanted this story to serve as a way to look into relationships and how they evolve with a creative hook, and I certainly can’t take that away from him. Suzie and Jon are written so well, and I really wouldn’t mind reading more about their trips to the grocery store or date nights to the movies. Although I’m obsessed with the more bizarre plot points of Sex Criminals, that won’t stop me from reading about the more mundane aspects of their story – largely because Jon and Suzie feel like two people I would happily join for beers. Plus, I can’t turn away from Chip Zdarsky’s art style. It’s always so fun and colorful and I can only wish that my own orgasms were as sparkly and shiny.


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