Seven Samuari Is Being Remade…Again.

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According to Hollywood, the original 1954 Kurosawa Seven Samuari and the 1960 John Sturges remake The Magnificent Seven aren’t enough to not warrant another remake. And like all Hollywood remakes, it has to be contemporary.

This time the story will revolve around seven paramilitary contractors being recruited from across the globe to defend a town in Northern Thailand from attack. The film will be directed by Scott Mann, who made his feature length debut with 2009’s The Tournament. He is writing the screenplay too along with John Fusco, who has most recently written The Forbidden Kingdom and Hidalgo. The film will be made on a budget of $60 million.

Now I haven’t watched the original film or its remake (Hey, I’m only 18, I’ve got plenty of formative years ahead yet) but I know how revered the both of them are. And of course, we’ve continually mentioned how lazy Hollywood are, with original ideas being shunned in favour of these big budget, safe remakes. On the other hand, playing devil’s advocate, you could say there has been enough time for a remake to happen, given The Magnificent Seven is 51 years old this year. It could be a really good film if it’s done right and may also introduce a new audience to the original Japanese film and the American remake. But that’s putting your faith in Hollywood to deliver.

Source: Variety

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