Ryan Thomason

Seth MacFarlane is Bringing Back….The Flinstones?

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Yeah, I’m just as confused as you are. Apparently after a year of negotiations with Warner Bros TV, Fox was able to get the rights to the show and good ‘ol nobody can do animation on FOX except for Seth Macfarlane will be at the helm for the project. Probably doing the voice work for almost all the characters, and generally taking a big dump on a classic franchise that hasn’t been properly dumped on since the movies came out staring John Goodman in the early 90’s.

If you want to see how horrible of an animator Seth Macfarlane produces for his shows, Bleedingcool.com pointed out this video. Everything that isn’t animated and instead remains totally static has been left blacked out, and only the area of frame where animation is occurring is visible. There’s an awful lot of black.


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