Ryan Thomason

Set Your Lasers to Fusion

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The National Ignition Facility is conducting a mammoth experiment in laser fusion based at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Scientists are looking at NIF as a potential key to producing large amounts of carbon-free power.

The people running NIF are still not completely positive that the system will even come to fruitation, but hell, that’s what SCIENCE! is all about. The facility is a scientific wonder that can transform a single laser beam no wider than a human hair into 192 beams–each of which is 18 inches wide. Together, the beams are designed to produce 4 million joules, the amount of power that would produce 4 million watts of power in a single second.

Come on, doesn’t that sound pretty damn cool? We need to be pouring more money into this kind of tech, instead of letting jerkoffs like BP end up killing a whole body of water getting us oil.

If you want to learn more, I suggest you take a read of the SOURCE of this article. Thanks cnet!

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