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Set Your DVR: TNT’s Mob City

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From zombies to mobsters…..

Make sure you get your DVR set, because starting tomorrow TNT is rolling out it’s newest series, Mob City. Written and Directed by Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, The Walking Dead), Mob City is set in 1940’s Los Angeles and blends fact with fiction as it tells the story of the LAPD’s war on organized crime. With a highly stylized look and a great cast including Jon Bernthal (who most recently teamed up Darabont on the first few seasons of The Walking Dead), Ed Burns as Bugsy Siegel, and the always great Simon Pegg, Mob City has the makings of the next great cable show. With the entire six episode first season set to air with back to back episode over the next three weeks, I know I’ll be giving it a shot. Check out the official trailer below and let us know if you’ll be setting your DVR.

TNT’s official show description

Acclaimed filmmaker Frank Darabont (Walking Dead, Shawshank Redemption) brings 1940s Los Angeles to life in TNT’s eagerly anticipated three-week television event, MOB CITY.

Based on the real-life accounts of the cops and gangsters of the time, this is the seductive story of the violent crime underbelly of America’s most glamorous city and those who wanted to control it.

Starring Jon Bernthal, Ed Burns, Neal McDonough and Jeremy Luke, MOB CITY premieres December 4 on TNT.

Mob City premieres Wednesday, December 4th on TNT

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