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Set Your DVR: TNT’s Falling Skies

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Time to kick some alien ass…
The Summer television season officially kicks off this weekend which thankfully means the wait is finally over, my favorite sci-fi guilty pleasure, Falling Skies has returned. Season four begins with the return of Tom’s creepy alien/human hybrid baby, who has now grown into a full sized creepy alien/human hybrid woman, the series looks to answer the lingering question of what’s “wrong with that baby” fairly quickly. Which is good, cause seriously that baby was creeping me out last season. Falling Skies also looks to be returning to it’s roots as the 2nd Mass is once again on the move looking for better ways to strike at the alien invaders and end this war. With a much darker feel, the new season of this Steven Spielberg produced show appears ready to head down an even more desperate road as the fight for the human race begins to reach it’s darkest hour. This year the episode order has been bumped to 12, and the show has added Oscar winner Mira Sorvino to the already great cast. So even though this series has had various issues in the past, the network really seems fully invested in keeping it as it’s big summer show. Hopefully this will lead to Falling Skies best season yet, either way I fully plan on setting my DVR for this (in my opinion) sci-fi classic. Will you be joining me and enjoying your summer indoors with a little “death to the alien invaders” television, or would you rather be outside working on your tan? Let us know!!

Falling Skies airs this Sunday, June 22 on TNT

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