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Set Your DVR: Syfy’s Helix

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Secret science lab in the Artic…..I’m sure this is gonna end well..
Last November we brought your first look at SyFy’s latest thriller, Helix. Now the time has come to actually set that DVR, buy some flashlights, and pick out a good blanket to hide under, cause Helix is only a matter of days away from it’s premiere. From Ron Moore(the man behind the excellent Battlestar Galactica SyFy reboot), and the producers of X-Files(guess we now know who’s idea the black goo was), this new series definitely has the right DNA flowing through is creative veins to be scary good. I know I’ll be watching….even if I do have to keep an extra pair of underpants handy. But what do you think? Take a look at the latest trailer below and let us know if you plan on joining us in giving this new thriller a chance and setting your DVR.

Helix premieres on SyFy January 10th, 2014

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