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Set Your DVR: SyFy’s Dominion

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Get ready for some end of the world Angel on man action…

Back in 2010, you may recall a movie called “Legion” being released. It stared Paul Bettany, and told the story of the Archangel Michael and his one man/Angel quest to save mankind (starting with a few people at a diner) from being destroyed by the rest of Heaven’s Angels when God decided to start the Apocalypse a little early. The movie did alright financially, but despite it’s decent cast and cool concept, it was critically panned and had a hard time finding a broader audience which killed any chance of future sequels showing anymore of Michael’s war against Heaven. That is until SyFy decided to continue the story as a television show called Dominion. Even being a fan of the movie, I was a little skeptical that Legion could be successfully converted into a cool television series, but everything I’ve seen so far has started to change that opinion. The trailer looks pretty epic, and the special effects also look top notch. The show takes place 25 years after the movie in Las Vegas, or more accurately, what’s left of Las Vegas, a town called Vega. It serves as one of the few strongholds left for the Human race as the war against the Angels rages on. While this still does seem like an odd choice for SyFy to base an original series on, they do have a little history turning a movie (Stargate) into a good television show, so I’ll trust they know what they’re doing and keep my fingers crossed that this will be good. Either way, SyFy has piqued my curiosity enough for me to give this Angel Apocalyptic drama some space on my DVR and see if their attempt to pull a Stargate with a less popular movie will pan out. But what do you think of SyFy’s latest attempt to turn a movie into a television series? Will this be a supernatural hit, or will it be just like the movie it’s based on and fail to impress?

Dominion premieres Thursday, June 19th on SyFy

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