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Set Your DVR: Super Bowl XLVIII

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Are you ready for some football!!….
First off, I realize that it might be a little pointless to remind people to watch the most watched event on American television, but we here at WPR are dedicated to the idea that no one gets left behind. So this post is for those who might have forgotten this annual event is on, or the people who might just want a little more information about this sporting event before they choose to watch. I also threw in a couple highlight videos of the two teams that anyone can enjoy, so I guess the point of all of this is to say that it doesn’t matter what kind of fan you are or aren’t, we got you covered.

The Super Bowl is the annual meeting of he NFL’s AFC and NFC champions. A winner takes all game to decide who will be the NFL champion and take home the Lombardi trophy. Super Bowl XLVIII, that’s 48 to everyone who doesn’t read Roman numerals, is being held in MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, which funny enough, is home to the New York Giants and Jets. This will be the first cold weather, outdoor Super Bowl played in the last thirty-eight years, and features a match up between old AFC West division rivals, the Seattle Seahawks(15-3) and the Denver Broncos(15-3). This is only the second time in the last twenty years that two number one seeds will face off, and it is also the first time in the last nine years that a number one offense(Denver) will play against the number one defense(Seattle).

The main other reasons to watch the Super Bowl are it’s halftime show and the commercials. This year Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are headlining, and Flea(member of the Chili Peppers) has been asking people what part of his body they’d like him to expose on stage. Hopefully he is just poking fun at the famous wardrobe malfunction at Super Bowl XXXVIII and not really planning to show of his goods, no one wants to see that and its gonna be like 30 degrees at kickoff. Bad idea. Now if you could care less about football you are probably watching it for the commercials. The Super Bowl is where most companies pay top dollar to release their biggest and usually funniest advertisements they can put together. For the most part, watching these commercials is a pretty entertaining affair. There will also be many movies showing off their new trailers. Some of the ones expected to show are Transformers: Age of Extinction, Kevin Costner’s Draft Day, Amazing Spiderman 2, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Muppets Most Wanted, Noah, and hopefully X:Men: Days of Future Past and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. If you miss any of them, check back to WPR, we’ll make sure they all get posted.

So whether you’re a die hard fan like me(GO HAWKS!!!!) or watching for the other fun extras that go along with the game, the Super Bowl has something to offer just about everyone. So we want to know, are you setting the DVR like me, or are you one of the few that just would rather watch something else? Let us know in the comments below why you’re watching, and more importantly who you’re rooting for!!

Here’s a look at both teams 2013 highlights to get you ready for the game.

Super Bowl XLVIII airs at 6:25 EST on Fox Sunday, February 2nd

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