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Set Your DVR: Starz’s Da Vinci’s Demons

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Who knew history could be so exciting, and fictional…..
If you saw the first history-twisting season of Starz surprisingly good show, Da Vinci’s Demons, than my guess is that like me, you’ve been waiting for season 2 to start the moment the first one ended. Well I’ve got good news, Da Vinci returns tonight!!! When we last left Leonardo he was locked in a room with an injured Lorenzo de’ Medici, where he was trying to save them both from the Pazzi and Catholic Church planned takeover of Florence. Look for season 2 to wrap up that storyline and then see Da Vinci continue his quest to find the mystical Book of Leaves. Which judging from the latest trailer, is somewhere in South America. Guess we’ll find out together later tonight. If you haven’t given this a shot, there’s no time like the present. David S.Goyer’s fictional heroic take on Leonardo da Vinci is a ton of fun to watch, and was definitely one of last year’s best new shows. So will you join me in setting your DVR for all the fake history you can handle, or would you rather just read boring real history books instead? Let us know, sound off below!! Also, if you need to catch up on any past episodes, all of season one can be watched on demand, or on the Starz website for their subscribers.

Da Vinci’s Demons season 2 premieres tonight, March 22nd on Starz

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