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Set Your DVR: Starz’s Black Sails

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Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate’s life for me……..
Michael Bay and Starz are ready to bring us an new, much more adult take on classic pirate adventures. This Starz original series ditches the mascara and PG rating of more recent pirate tales and goes for a realistic approach to a life of looting and pillaging on the open sea. The show centers around Captain Flint and his crew, including a young deck hand that goes by the name of John Silver. If those names sound familiar, its because those are characters from Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous book, Treasure Island. Set many years before the book, it is unknown how much the events of this series will tie into the story, but my guess is that by the end of the show treasure is getting buried on an island…..and at some point Long John Silver is losing a leg. Since this is a Starz show though, you can bet your sweet booty that there will be plenty of bloody violence, and lots of wench on wench and pirate action. I’d also wager that with Bay producing, there will be more than a few glorious explosions. I know I’m setting my DVR for all this sweet pirate action, how bout you? You ready to set sail with this new take on pirates, or should Bay stick to giant robots in disguise?

Black Sails hits the seas on Starz, January 25th

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