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Set Your DVR: NBC’s Crossbones

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There be pirates in these here waters matey, and one looks like John Malkovich…….

Crossbones-John-MalkovichBetting that not everyone quite got their fill of pirate themed mayhem earlier this year with Starz newest series, “Black Sails” (or maybe just hopeful that not that many people have Starz), NBC has brought us their very own tale of pirates in the Caribbean. Bringing the star power of the ever great John Malkovich, Crossbones takes place in 1729 on the Blackbeard ruled secret island of Santa Compana, and tells the story of an aging Blackbeard (Malkovich) and his plans to steal a device that can change the world. Standing in his way is an English spy tasked to protect this device, and if possible kill the famed dreaded pirate. Crossbones is based on the book “The Republic of Pirates” by Colin Woodard, and is being helmed by Neil Cross (Luther, Doctor Who). Normally I would say that one pirate show is more than enough and give this summer show a pass, but with Neil Cross at the wheel and John Malkovich bringing his crazy style to Blackbeard, this might be worth giving a shot. But what do you think? Is Malkovich enough to convince you to add this swashbuckling pirate adventure to your playlist, or is this one pirate ship to many in the Caribbean?

Crossbones premieres May 30th on NBC

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