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Set Your DVR: The Hub Presents Stan Lee’s Mighty 7

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This time it’s Stan Lee’s chance to be a hero…
Marvel comic superstar Stan Lee finally gets his chance to star in his own superhero story, Stan Lee’s Mighty 7, an original animated movie from the Hub. Now I know this feature is usually to let everyone know about a new television series about to air, but this made for T.V. animated movie looked like to much fun to not recommend it for people to watch. Besides anytime a animated superhero movie features the voices of Arnie Hammer, Terri Hatcher, Sean Austin, Jim Belushi, Michael Ironside, and Christian Slater, you know it’s a must watch event. The Mighty 7 is the first movie in a planned trilogy that follows Stan Lee, who plays himself, as he turns a bunch of superpowered aliens who crash landed on earth into a team of superheroes. I don’t know about you, but my inner-child is telling me this is going to be awesome. I’m setting my DVR for this potentially epic animated super adventure, how bout you? Does Stan Lee have what it takes to save the day, or should he stick to Marvel movie cameos?….

Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 airs February 1st on the Hub

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