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Set Your DVR: HISTORY’s Vikings

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I swear I saw a blonde guy with a hammer running around there somewhere…
Vikings, one of last year’s most surprisingly good shows, returns for its second season starting this week. HISTORY, known more for their reality shows about swamp people, and documentaries about historical conspiracies, struck absolute gold when they aired their first scripted series about a Viking named Ragnar Lothbrok and his quest for power, fortune, and fame as he became the first Viking to sail West in search of new lands to plunder. Written and created by Michael Hirst (Elizabeth, The Tudors), Vikings is an engaging semi-fictional look into the culture, families, and warfare of ancient Vikings.

Season 2 should be an interesting one for Ragar, as he is forced to deal with all the problems that come from his new found title of Earl. The biggest being, he’s having a baby with a woman that’s not his bad ass warrior wife, and his brother, who is jealous of Ragnar’s power and title, is trying to kill him. Not to mention all the day to day backstabbing and plotting that go along with positions of power, made even worse by his new partnership with the King. He better hope Thor isn’t to busy chasing Loki around to lend a hand, because he’s gonna need it. But Seriously, if your not watching this show, you need to be, it’s really that good. Plus, HISTORY is even making it easy for you to get caught up if you missed anything last year. They will be airing season one in its entirety on Feb 26th, starting at 3pm EST. So what are you waiting for? Join me in setting the DVR, and get ready for another season of great Viking carnage!! And if you’re not, just remember, Odin is watching…

Vikings returns to plunder and pillage Feb 27th on HISTORY

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