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Set Your DVR: HBO’s True Blood Returns For Its Final Season

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The end might be here, but there’s still time for one last vampire love triangle …
This Sunday, True Blood returns for it’s seventh and final season, and it looks ready to put the last exciting bite into the saga of Sookie Stackhouse. Picking up right where the season six finale left off, these final episodes will see Sookie, Bill, and the rest of Bon Temps favorite residents dealing with roaming packs of hungry “infected” vampires that act more like zombies then vampires. And of course they will have to fight off these zombie vampires on their own, because after last season’s government vampire round-up and then subsequent mass murder of said government’s people by those vampires, they really are in no hurry to help stop any fang on fang violence. I also think it’s a safe bet to assume that there will be at least one love triangle between Sookie, her new man/wolf Alcide, and her eternal stalker, Bill. It’s also possible that there could be at least one other new person who’s in love with Sookie this season, but then again, at this point I don’t know if there anybody left who hasn’t had the hots for her at least once. Seriously, that fairy dust she’s throwing out there must be the real deal. Joking aside, True Blood has been one of HBO’s most consistently good shows, and even though each new season hasn’t always been better then the last, it has always been a heck of a lot of fun to watch. Hopefully HBO has saved the best for last and can send their hit series out on a high note. I know I’ll be setting my DVR and seeing how this supernatural soap opera finally ends, how bout you? Are you looking forward to this final season of The Walking Undead, ah.. I mean True Blood, or are you praying Sookie will finally just get eaten?

True Blood’s Final Season starts Sunday, June 22nd on HBO

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