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Set Your DVR: HBO’s Game of Thrones

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VALAR MORGHULIS…..all men must die

Well thank the Gods, the best show on television is finally back for it’s fourth season. HBO’s Game of Thrones returns to us for ten weeks of what I’m sure will be gut wrenching, therapy inducing, epic drama. I’ve never read the books, but my guess is this season will include the death of at least one favorite character, terrible betrayals, dragons, dire-wolves, white walkers, some good old fashion revenge, and probably a wedding or two. I’m still trying to figure out why anyone in Westeros would even go to one of those at this point. If you haven’t watched this show, I seriously suggest you get HBO and binge watch all thirty episodes. You have till Sunday, make it happen. For everyone else, I already know you’ll be joining me and setting your DVR. Winter is coming, prepare yourselves.

Game of Thrones returns Sunday, April 6th on HBO

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